About Plum Tiger Reviews

I love sharing my love for books on Desert Rose Reviews – it’s awesome!

Having a book-centered blog has become stifling though, and I need room to grow! I don’t want to expand DRR beyond books, because I love what I’ve built over there, and my passion for books needs it’s own blog, and it’s own space. I love books too much to squish them in with everything else!

So, I give life to Plum Tiger Reviews!

I went through so many blog starts, before finally landing here. I think this one will stick. It feels…different.

Here, I will share my reviews on all sorts of things! I’ll review jewelry, food & recipes, clothes, restaurants, books, movies, and anything I feel like sharing an opinion on!

I hope you’ll join me here! Please feel free to subscribe by any of the methods to the right. You’ll also be able to subscribe to a YouTube channel soon! Keep an eye out for that – it’s gonna be fun! 😀

Thank you so much for joining me here, and I hope to see you soon!

~Plum Tiger Reviews