SS Phoenix Pendant Jewelry Review!

Hiya guys! I’ve got a new jewelry review for you today!

I’ve been wanting this necklace for months, and when it went on a short sale, I could’t pass it up! I’m soooooo happy with it, and can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it too!

Jewelry Trends
Sterling Silver and CZ
Eagle Phoenix Pendant

 Phoenix Pendant

~Price: $79.99 $71.99 + Free Shipping
~Metal: .925 Sterling Silver; Finish: High polish
~Accented with 11 prong-set round-cut cubic zirconia stones; 
Stone measurements: 1 mm wide x 1 mm long
~Approximate Pendant dimensions: 27 mm wide x 53 mm long
~Peter Stone© Jewelry Designs are exclusive and protected by Copyright Laws; 
Made in Thailand
~Complimentary gift box included; Chain not included

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First Book Review on Plum Tiger Reviews!

Hiya guys! Welcome to Plum Tiger Reviews!

For my first book review, I thought I’d start with a TBT post – the first book I ever reviewed, and the book that got me into reviewing. It obviously has a special place in my heart, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

It’s a great story for fans of alternate dimensions, fantasy stories, and epic adventures!

Eden at the Edge of Midnight

 Eden at the Edge of Midnigh

~Released: October 19th, 2012

~Length: 348 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure

The Vara of Yima, the original Garden of Eden, sealed from the rest of the world and populated with the fittest of men and women. A secret paradise that 150 years ago became ravaged by smog that choked out the skies.

Now the Vara exists in a permanent state of darkness and its people need a champion, a chosen one to save them from the smog that threatens to fill the realm and poison its inhabitants.

That’s what they needed. They got Sammy Ellis instead. She isn’t important enough for her dad to stick around for, never mind saving a realm or junk like that. Her only responsibility was to help the chosen one open the gateway into the Vara, but not only has she entered the realm in their place, she’s also locked them out in the process.

Stuck in a twilight land of giant mushrooms, pursued by dark forces and still in her pyjamas, being unimportant back in the real world is starting to seem way more attractive.

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